Universe Collection

Universo Collection


100% 原廠 Fibi 珠寶設計• 靈感:Fibi Jewelry 是一個受宇宙啟發的品牌。 • 希臘宇宙詩:太陽女神每天都以其光芒四射、充滿活力的動作喚醒大地,有時低垂在地平線上,有時高高在我們上方。她的舞蹈總是帶著迷人而令人著迷的節奏,閃閃發光,令人心曠神怡。 

  • Inspiration: Fibi Jewelry is a brand inspired by the universe.

    Greek Universe Poetry: The Sun Goddess awakens the earth daily with her radiant and dynamic movements, sometimes hanging low on the horizon, and other times high above us. She always dances with a captivating and mesmerizing rhythm, shining brilliantly and dazzlingly.

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  • Skin Carefree, Hypoallergenic & Non-tarnish!

    Discover the perfect blend of beauty and comfort with our exquisite jewelry collection, meticulously crafted to be skin carefree, hypoallergenic, and resistant to tarnish – ensuring your jewelry remains as radiant as you are, day after day.

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  • Fibi Jewelry's Package

    Fibi Jewelry's brand color is Golden Yellow, symbolizing "Happiness and Warmth" as you receive this exceptional packaging, meticulously designed to bring smiles and warmth to your heart.

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